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On Mutual Intelligibility: How pragmatics get lost in cognitive dissonance.

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

You can really tell a socially advantaged person's true thoughts about a socially disadvantaged person based on their reactions when the socially disadvantaged person decides to speak up and affirm their value, talent, and worth.

If their immediate reaction is to undermine the socially disadvantaged person's claims, that speaks volumes about their starting assumptions of the disadvantaged person's skills and abilities.

If they start to compare themselves to the disadvantaged person to undermine their skills and abilities, that speaks volumes about the level they subconsciously, but truly believe the disadvantaged person is on....because you don't compare yourself to someone you truly believe is beneath you.

The pragmatics get lost in the cognitive dissonance.

Teach English ethically and make sure that you aren't putting speakers down so you appear to have more credibility.

Listen to non-native and non-standard English speakers. Don't co-opt their struggles for more credibility, listen and understand their language struggles to become a better teacher.

And remember.....check your privilege.

Just because you are in a socially advantaged position doesn't make you smarter, an authority, or more right.

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