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Language, Culture, and Power Dynamics

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Multicultural community of people
Language, Culture, and Power Dynamics

Today, I got the time. This is a social movement. It will take raising awareness among the general public, alongside raising awareness among non-native, and non-standard language speakers of the intersections between race, class, gender, and dialect to improve communication between power imbalanced linguistically and culturally diverse communities. The institution is made up of the people from the bottom to the top who work within it. Change cannot come until we can recognize the role we play as individuals in maintaining inequitable systems.

It will take creativity, the courage to break the mold, and an ability to see beyond ourselves to communicate successfully in our globalized future. The time is now to utilize effective communication tools to face inequity in our education system head-on. Ready for the education revolution. #Readyfortheeducationrevolution #NotYourComplacentNegro #AmericanEnglishTefl #FreeTheTongue


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