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American English TEFL Open House!

Sometimes you just need that one big win to set you on a path of a snowball effect of wins.

The most significant win in my life was living in Europe. After waking up in the hospital after a near-death experience, I thought to myself, "I almost died, and I had never been to Paris,". It had been my dream since I was 12 years old to travel the world to see what else was out there. It took me almost dying to fully appreciate that the day and time are unknown, so, I didn't have the time to make excuses for why I was not following my dreams anymore.

That summer, I went to Paris for the first time. That win led to a snowball effect of wins that led to me backpacking around Europe and eventually living and teaching English as a foreign language in Budapest.

An experience that gave me the opportunity to learn 2 languages, come to understand myself at a deeper level, and develop a better understanding of people who thought, looked, and lived differently than me.

That's how I found my purpose. By following my heart, recognizing every opportunity to get me closer to accomplishing my dream, and taking advantage of it, not only was I able to accomplish my dream, I was able to turn my purpose and passion into my dream job.

If my story resonates with you in any way or on any level, come to our open house at the Baxter Community Center on July 12th and learn how American English TEFL is combating linguistic discrimination globally with Culturally-responsive language teaching. Check it out to see if our mission and purpose align with the changes you would like to make and see in the world.

This is a social movement. Ready for the education revolution.

Link to the event:


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