“Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences.”
 Mikhail Gorbachev

American English TEFL was founded under the guiding principles of integrity, collaboration, and respect.


Our guiding principles are represented in our logo by the abstract humanoid. Each dot represents the head of a different culture, with their interlinking bodies forming a matrix of connection.

The humanoids are sharing their colors to represent unity within a blended cultural community, as nurturing hands, a product of the community holds an apple representing knowledge.

Our mission is to bridge the gap of communication between linguistically and culturally diverse communities by changing perceptions of language variety globally and challenging structures that reproduce inequity within diverse communities.


We aim to do this by:

  • Combating linguistic discrimination and bias, by providing top-notch culturally responsive training to tefl teachers through our tefl certification program, American English TEFL

  • Supporting and developing our culturally-responsive tefl teachers beyond tefl certification as they progress through their career

  • Facilitating relationships between linguistically and culturally diverse communities through community speaking engagements and conferences


Through our work and guiding principles, we aim to help create bonds of integrity, collaboration, and respect between linguistically and culturally diverse communities.


Check out the cool things we've Done

Community Work

Speaking Engagements

Literacy and Language in Action (2019)

MABE Conference, Presenter

GRPS Literacy Summit (2021)

GRPS Conference, Presenter

Prioritizing Equity & Recovery for All (2021)

MiTESOL Conference, Presenter

Building Community Bridges Through Language Awareness (2021)

Grand Rapids Food Co-Op, Presenter

Culturally Responsive Language Teaching (2022)

Baxter Community Center, Presenter

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Where I'm From

Written by Tea Sanders

I am from, a refusal to be quiet.

I am from, a refusal to remain unseen.

I am from I am who I choose to be.

I am from, my reality is just as valid.

I’m from, my feelings matter too.

I’m from, my confidence shouldn’t offend you.

I’m from my mistakes do not define me,

From neither can you.



Language and Culture Specialist

Meet the Team

Tea Sanders is an American, and USA teacher that has taught adult ESL and young ESL students for 6 years. She has taught in private bilingual schools, ESL after-school programs, and in American public and Charter Schools with linguistically and culturally diverse populations.


She is a language and culture aficionado that has traveled to over 18 countries, lived abroad in Europe for 2 years and has spent time learning 5 languages.


Tea is currently studying applied linguistics, and working to define the language of liberation, as she continues to educate bi-dialectical elementary students, and emerging bilinguals, raise awareness of linguistic discrimination, and strive to be the change she wants to see.

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Catherine Cárdenas is a public relations and gender and women’s studies graduate from Rhode Island. She realized her passion for helping ESL students achieve their goals while studying abroad in Chile.


While abroad, Catherine obtained an internship teaching English for the first time to Chilean adults. Discovering a passion for helping others, she decided to continue teaching upon graduating from the program.


Through her work studying abroad, teaching English and working as a social media intern for an intercultural student engagement office, she developed an interest in intercultural communication, which she has been exploring further through the medium of social media.


Today, Catherine continues to develop her inter-cultural communication skills, and find new ways to communicate and build relationships with those striving to improve their English-speaking skills.

Executive Assistant
Social media

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Data Analyst
Social media

Xander Mosley is a Michigan native who is skilled in data analysis with social media management. 


A proactive and focused worker, he studied and received certifications in digital marketing and social media management soon after graduating high school.


Over the past year, he has been working as a social media manager, and developing his skills in the various components of marketing, including data analysis. Through the process, he has worked with several start-ups to market and mange their social media platforms as they grow into bigger companies.


Ever the go-getter, in January 2022, he began to transition into freelancing in order to expand his work to include his passion for consulting.


Kenidi Marini a social media manager in Mississippi, she went to school at MSU for wildlife conservation and business. She love animals and wildlife and continues to be involved with wildlife conservation efforts in Mississippi. She begun freelancing her social media skills and have worked for a variety of companies from Habitat for Humanity, and the YMCA, to Krispy Kreme. 

Social Media


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Ashely McDermott is an artist who loves to sing and dance. She teaches students how to choreography in American Sign Language. Ashely want to learn more about business and entrepreneurship to gain skills that she can transfer to her non-profit business called VisionaryImpossiblePeople.  She hopes to build it into an empire for deaf or American Sign Language community where they can have jobs or places to call family. She is optimistic and very passionate what she does.

Social Media